Getting Started With A Personal Pension Plan.

Reduce Taxes, Save More.

Simple steps to get started with running some scenarios and seeing if the PPP is suitable for you.

The Value of The Accountant in the PPP Setup.

As an accountant you will also be asked to prepare the pension accounting elements of the client's corporate financial statements as a result of the move into a pension plan.

Accountants: Offer Your Clients TAX DEDUCTIONS

Offer your clients the best in class when it comes to tax sheltering and tax deductions! By encouraging your clients to switch to the PPP over the RRSP or Individual Pension Plan, you provide another tax-efficient way of accumulating a sizeable nest egg for retirement with pre-tax dollars.  Learn more by clicking on and bookmarking the PPP FRAMEWORK FOR ACCOUNTANTS.

Tax Deduction 1

Buy Back of Past Service

Claim an additional tax deduction in the year of contribution for the purchase of past (years of) service.

Tax Deduction 2

PPP Contributions

Get double the benefit whereby both employee and corporate contributions can be deducted on tax returns.

Tax Deduction 3

Special Payments

If assets in pension fund don't grow at the required CRA rate, these payments can be paid in a lumpsum or amortized over 5 years.

Tax Deduction 4

Investment Management Fees

Under tax rules you can deduct your investment management and admin fees within a PPP. 

Tax Deduction 5

Terminal Funding

The Defined Benefit portion of the PPP allows you to claim an additional tax deduction at retirement with additional benefits.

Accountant & owner frequently asked questions

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  • Product Questions

Who's allowed to use a PPP?

Anyone considered a connected employee of corporate sponsor getting T4 income. A good rule of thumb is having at least 10% + of the voting shares of the corporation sponsoring the PPP®. With respect to non-connected employees, they can join but the corporation sponsoring the PPP® but, depending on the province, may be held responsible for funding actuarial deficits.

Who's eligible to claim deductions?

The PPP is divided into three components: Defined Benefit (DB), Defined Contribution (DC) and Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC). For the DB component: Corporate sponsor, Employee DC component: Corporate sponsor 1% of T4; Employee 0%- 17% of T4 up to the money purchase limit in the year ($27,830 in 2020) Employee deductions go against personal tax brackets.

Dividends vs. T4 Salary Income?

If you are looking to setup a pension for yourself and seeking the optimum way to take an income tax efficiently, a mix of salary and dividends is ideal since dividends are not pensionable and thus 100% dividends precludes adopting a Personal Pension Plan.

Who benefits from PPP?

The employee of the corporation and the spouse (beneficiary).

Is the HST pension administrator credit available?

In short, yes. See Excise Tax Act Section 261.01. This is a 33% Refund issued by CRA to pension plan administrators (corporate sponsor) for all GST/HST paid in connection with the expense of the pension plan – under the trust platform only.

Is pension income splitting allowed?

Yes, if your spouse has no pension benefits, up to 50% of the pension amount can be attributed to her/him so as to reduce personal taxation burden for the couple. Eligibility is as early as 50 years old.

What is the tax treatment of transfers in/out of the PPP?

Under section 147.4 ITA, RRSP transfers going into the Personal Pension Plan will continue to be tax-deferred using T2033 transfer form. When using a T2151 for a locked-in plan for the PPP® you can transfer to qualifying annuity.

Is PPP eligible for $2,000 pension income credit?

Yes, absolutely! And, if you utilize pension income splitting as part of your tax saving strategy, as a couple you may claim up to $4000.

How are investments taxed within a PPP?

Just like an RRSP, your investment growth is tax-deferred until monthly pension amounts commence at retirement. You can go until age 71 similar to rules for taking RRIF payments after converting your RRSP.

Are PPP contribution deductions available for Personal Service Business?

For corporations paying corporate taxes at the Personal Service corporation tax rate, PPP contributions are eligible for tax deductions as per CRA administrative position.

What happens when retirement income is withdrawn from PPP?

INTEGRIS Pension Management will produce a T4A slip and distribute copies to the member, the corporate sponsor, the accountant and the Canada Revenue Agency.

What do I lose by remaining within an RRSP vs PPP?

Paying higher taxes for business and risk getting tax rate claw-backs due to passive income law. On average, over a 20 year period, RRSP vs PPP, that amounts to $1 Million. This value is larger if investment returns are below the CRA prescribed rate.

Does PPP qualify for Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption?

When you contribute monies from the corporation to the INTEGRIS PPP®, to ‘purify’ the corporation, the PPP® facilitates access to the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption.

Is there special accounting for pension fund?

Audited Financial Statements are required for a pension fund if the assets exceed $3M (Ontario)

Only for plans that haven't filed for an Exemption from the Pension Benefits Act.

All PPPs set up after December 8, 2020 are exempt from this audit rule.

Is there taxation on excess amount?

Only if commuted value transferred to a Locked In Retirement Account (LIRA) or Life Income Fund (LIF) None if pension paid out of PPP® or if transferred to a qualifying annuity under ITA 147.4

Is there special accounting for corporate sponsor company?

Notes to financial statements required to describe pension expense under CPA Handbook Section 3462.

Steps To Setup A New Personal Pension Plan

Complete the illustration request form with Blue Alpha Wealth financial advisor

This is basic information about you and your business and some general numbers required to paint a picture.

Financial advisor reviews your illustration form with INTEGRIS Pension Management

We review it with INTEGRIS to ensure there isn't further information or clarity needed with some entries.


We present the completed illustration to you

We review information to be correct and make any adjustments as required.

Acknowledgement and consent together with your accountant 

Together with your accountant we answer your questions and get acknowledgement and consent from you to begin the process of setting up the PPP.


We collect and submit supporting documents i.e. T4s, RRSP statements, ID

This information is important to ensure we have the correct numbers to allow you to get the most tax deductions based on your service etc.


You sign the legal documentation prepared by INTEGRIS Pension Management

This is to ratify your PPP to officially allow you to take advantage of tax deductions and favorable pension tax rules.


Funding begins once your PPP is registered

This will take a few weeks from signature submission.


Converting From An Individual Pension Plan To Personal Pension Plan?

Here's process to get an illustration and PPP setup:

Provide your existing IPP information 

We will see where we are starting from and know how to make a fair comparison.


Sign a plan amendment

This is for legal and pension legislation requirements

We forward the information to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

For registration, approval and ratification purposes.


We setup your existing IPP as the Defined Benefit portion of your new PPP

A PPP has a defined benefit and defined contribution portion. Rather than setup a new one we just continue the one you have but now you have flexibility and options to allow for better cash flow.


Open Defined Contribution and Additional Voluntary Contribution accounts

A PPP has a defined benefit, defined contribution portion and additional voluntary contributions. These are what give you flexibility and make the PPP superior to the IPP.


Get Your Personalized PPP Illustration 

Get Started with the INTEGRIS Personal Pension Plan®

It starts with an illustration or demo of your situation. We'll get in touch with you and review your high-level numbers together to determine whether the PPP is a fit and then go into detail with specific numbers from your accountant. Complete the form and we'll get back to you to see if the PPP is right for you.

*The "Plan Sponsor" is the company that will be making monetary contributions to the Personal Pension Plan. This company currently employs and provides T4 income to plan members.

Province of Employment*
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon
Incorporation Date of Company or Practice
Financial Year End
Plan Member Type

Supporting Documents To Setup A PPP

What Initial Information Is Required To Calculate Your Personal Illustration:

Business cash flow

For each member:

  • Proof of age – copy of driver’s license/passport that shows the name and date of birth
  • Latest Notice of Assessment
  • Latest RRSP statement for all RRSPs/LIRAs/LIFs/RRIFs etc.
  • Document to verify the SIN Number - e.g. a T4 slip or a notice of assessment if the full SIN number is available.
  • T4’s for every year buying back past service (PLEASE NOTE THIS CAN TAKE UP TO 6 MONTHS – TIPS ON HOW BEST TO OBTAIN T4s BELOW)

For the company that is sponsoring the plan:

  • Articles/Certificate of Incorporation for the company
  • Document to verify the CRA Business Number of the company that is sponsoring the pension plan – e.g. the first page of a corporate tax return or the T4 slip that shows the employer number

Tips for obtaining T4s:

Personal Pension Plan Pricing

Affordable & Tax Deductible Setup Fees

PPP setup & admin. prices vary depending on the number of plan members and investment type. Plus they're tax deductible! Choose from 3 plans.

selected portfolio managers







  • All Fees are tax-deductible
  • INTEGRIS annual fee waived by portfolio manager
  • Creditor Protection
  • Fiduciary Oversight
  • Intergenerational wealth transfer
upgrade from ipp




  • Larger tax deductibles
  • Creditor Protection
  • Fiduciary Oversight
  • Intergenerational wealth transfer

Reach your retirement goals faster with a Personal Pension Plan.

As a Blue Alpha Wealth client using the INTEGRIS PPP you can often save and defer $800,000 or more for your retirement when compared with traditional RRSPs.

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