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Getting Started - Initial Chat

We believe that perfect financial and investment planning are better than perfect financial products. Financial products help as solutions but are never perfect which is why we never lead a discussion with them. Our focus is to see if there is a fit for us to work together to avoid frustration on both parties and help you feel confident that you are getting the right advice. The solutions we recommend are just tools and optional to you. How you implement those tools is our expertise.

What To Expect

No Obligation Or Cost To Have A Conversation

Important to understand what you need and see if we can help. We also want you to get a feel for us as a financial advisor that you can work with personally.

Actionable Advice & Recommendations

You decide to start with us at what point you feel comfortable with. You can build over time. We'll provide recommendations and help you implement the plan.

Transparent & Customized Solutions

We broker for many types of financial products. You choose whether you want a hands-on or hands-off approach to your investments and financial plan

Step 1 - Get Your Information Organized 

We have an initial phone conversation to determine your situation. We then gather financial information and documents relevant to your planning needs.  This helps our discussion and to identify any immediate areas you need to address. 

Step 2 - Understand & Define Your Goals

You have unique values and financial goals. Understanding those helps to construct a financial plan that reflects those values. Helping categorize your goals helps to ensure your plan moves in the direction your desire. You start by identifying your greatest financial need today.

Step 3 - Develop Your Unique Plan or Strategy

Our focus is not to make the process overwhelming for you. We will start with a One-Page Financial Plan for each area that you identify as important. You start where you want by bringing together your goals, resources, risk appetite for that financial need. We then advise you on the best strategy to move forward.

Step 4 - Implement Your Unique Plan

With your agreement and understanding we start to execute your financial plan with the aim of making tangible progress.  We start by opening appropriate investment accounts, re-allocating investments and any other steps required.

Step 5 - Track, Adjust & Optimize Your Plan

We typically meet with clients 2 times a year to discuss any life changes that may affect your plan and updates and information you may be interested in. This is your time as well to ask any questions in depth to get a sense of the progress you're making. You ultimately choose how often you want to meet ultimately and what you want to discuss. 

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Financial Planning So You Retire With Confidence

Working with a financial planner like Blue Alpha Wealth is about empowering and enabling you to make smarter decisions about your future plans and investments as well as growing and protecting your nest-egg over time. Our priority is to help you gain security and control over your finances. Working with us is also designed to reduce your anxiety and the amount of time you spend trying to figure out what, where and how given the information overload in financial news and commentary. We equip you with the knowledge and tools to feel confident that you will retire on your own terms.

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