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We believe that perfect financial and investment planning are better than perfect financial products.

Financial products help as solutions but are never perfect which is why we never lead a discussion with them.

The solutions we recommend are just tools and optional to you. How you implement those solutions is our expertise.

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Our Client Engagement Process

  • First, we meet informally and get to know each other.
  • To learn more about your goals, motivations & financial picture, we'll ask relevant questions.
  • We’ll then build an analysis of what you're currently doing, own or have, to see where you stand. Then, we propose a plan for you.
  • We’ll make adjustments to your proposed plan based on your input and start with your most urgent priority.
  • We’ll start managing your investment accounts and service your needs on an ongoing basis, making appropriate updates & changes.

Most of what we do is help you organize what you're currently doing.

Our goal is to help you identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your current planning as well as optimize it so you get to where you want to be financially.

Complementary Consultation

Actionable Advice & Recommendations
Transparent & Customized Solutions
  • Important to understand what you need and see if we can help. We also want you to get a feel for us as a financial advisor that you can work with personally.
  • You decide to start with us at what point you feel comfortable with. You can build over time. We'll provide recommendations and help you implement the plan.
  • We broker for many types of financial products. You choose whether you want a hands-on or hands-off approach to your investments and financial plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - You Have Questions, We Have Answers

how do i get started?

Give us a quick phone call; send us an email or you can schedule a call on our calendar. This will help to determine a fit and to understand what your situation is and where you stand. Alternatively, you can complete the form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

what type of questions can you help me answer?

Retirement Planning

- How much of a nest-egg do I need to retire by a certain age?
- How much do I need to put aside for guaranteed lifetime income?
- How much can I afford to spend in retirement?

Investment Management

What types of investment accounts should I have?
How do I know if my portfolio is doing what it should be doing?
What types of accounts should I have to reduce my taxes?
How do I invest as a business owner?

Disability and Critical Illness Insurance

How do I use disability and critical illness insurance to protect my retirement?
What type of disability insurance should I buy?
Do I need disability insurance?

What types of services do you provide?

Our main role at Blue Alpha Wealth is as investment managers. We help you create a one-page financial plan and implement and investment plan and manage it on your behalf to ensure you meet your financial planning goals. It's a long term relationship and for individuals investors who want to delegate this responsibility of managing their money as well as working together in partnership. If you have for example an RRSP, TFSA or any other type of investment services you need guidance and help with, that is what we mostly do.

is there a cost for an initial review and discussion?

No, our initial conversation is more introductory and an opportunity for you to know what working with us looks like and who we help. You never pay us directly for any solutions we recommend and implement based on discussions of what you want put in place. The financial institutions you choose to help with your plan are the ones who compensate us as brokers.

do you serve clients outside of toronto?

Yes, many of our clients say they prefer now to meet or deal with us remotely and virtually most of the time so they don't have to come to our office or meet in theirs. This makes it easier to work with clients across Ontario and Canada provided they are willing to work with us remotely and use tools like Zoom. We still do meet with people face to face if you prefer. 

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Financial Needs Planning So You Feel Confident

Working with a financial needs analysis planner like Blue Alpha Wealth is about empowering and enabling you to make smarter decisions about your future plans and investments as well as growing and protecting your nest-egg over time. Our priority is to help you gain security and control over your finances. Working with us is also designed to reduce your anxiety and the amount of time you spend trying to figure out what, where and how given the information overload in financial news and commentary. We equip you with the knowledge and tools to feel confident that you will retire on your own terms.

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