Group RRSP Retirement Savings Plans.

Less paperwork and administrative burden. Get access to cost-effective investing options.

Welcome to Blue Alpha Wealth for the Workplace Group RRSP

  • Paperless employee onboarding and administration.
  • Simplified online reporting.
  • Work directly with a professional financial advisor.
  • Tax-advantaged savings.
  • Low-cost portfolio management and fees.
  • Target date funds and stand-alone funds.
Group Retirement Savings Plans
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Simple Setup Or Transfer Of Your Group Retirement Savings Plan

With a few clicks and 3 - 5 minutes you'll be able to setup a paperless group retirement plan for your company and employees. We provide reliable, affordable plans you can customize based on the size and need of your group. Our digital plan helps reduce administrative burden and investment cost.

Simple & Affordable Group Retirement Benefits Plan

Setup and administer your group retirement plan online with no paperwork. Your employees have easy access. You save money and time. You and your employees get direct support from Blue Alpha Wealth financial advisors.

Group RRSP online setup
Digital Setup & Onboarding

Take as little as 2 to 3 minutes for your setup with no paperwork required. Easy and simple.

Digital dashboard
Digital Online Dashboard

You and your employees have access to plan dashboard.  As an employer you see the whole picture of your entire company.

Group rrsp employer
Easy for Employer 100%

Admin is always a big issue for employers setting up a plan. This plan is easy and we remove the burden for you.

Online Paperless Platform

Your Group Plan participants get smart and intuitive dashboard that allows employees to see the growth of their and projection through to their retirement. You'll also be able to track the performance of the portfolio, change your contributions up or down, view receipts of contributions and make transfer of funds.

Affordable Group retirement Plan in Canada

Choose from select or target date funds and employees pay minimal fees which is a small fraction relative to other traditional plans in the market. Our focus is small and medium-sized businesses. 

Online Reporting

Get all your tax receipts and statements online and access to your account information such as investment performance and portfolio contributions.

Simplified Onboarding

Access to simplified portfolio construction for each employee, customized by individual risk appetite and investment time horizon. Your employees can customize and change their portfolio composition as they see fit.

Tax-Advantaged Savings

Allow your employees to make before-tax contributions automatically to get immediate tax savings by contributing before-tax dollars. Easily setup matching contributions.

Access To Professional Financial Advisor 

While the platform is digital and simplified for you, you still have access to human interaction and advice from Blue Alpha Wealth. Your employees have access as well to help answer any questions they have.

Let's Get Started With Your Group Retirement!

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Types of Group RRSP Retirement Plan Solutions

Whether you need a group retirement plan to give you a taxable benefit for your employees retirement savings or sharing company profits, Blue Alpha Wealth has you covered.

Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans

Make contributions through payroll deductions for employees to realize instant tax savings.

  • Employer contributions are voluntary.
  • Employer contributions vest immediately and aren't locked-in.
  • Group RRSP is easy to setup, administer, modify or terminate.

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)

Offers employers a tax-efficient way to share profits with plan members. Amounts shared up to legal maximums.

  • Only a plan sponsor may contribute an amount out of profits or retained earnings.
  • Two year vesting period of plan membership can be applied.
  • Deposits and earnings are tax-sheltered until withdrawn.
  • Redemptions may be restricted.

Defined Contribution Pension Plan 

A formal arrangement made by a employer to provide members with a monthly income at retirement. Employee may also contribute a fixed amount matched by employer.

  • No withdrawals are permitted.
  • Contribution formula defined with mandatory employer contributions.
  • Employer contributions are not subject to payroll taxes.
  • Amounts are locked-in after contributions vest.

Group Tax Free Savings Account

Similar to an individual TFSA, savings grow tax-free using various type of investments and can be withdrawn easily.

  • Unused TFSA contribution room can be carried forward for future years.
  • $6,000 yearly contribution allowed.
  • Investing returns and gains are not taxed, even at withdrawal.
  • Withdrawn amount can be re-contributed in a future year without reducing contribution room.

Already Have A Group Retirement Plan?

Get a personalized fee analysis and see how much you can save. Reduce your administrative burden as well by having your plan go paperless.

Financial Education in the Workplace

Give employees the tools to make good decisions about their financial life.

In many cases it's not that employees don't want to have a better financial life. The problem isn't the desire. Life gets busy and many competing priorities get in the way of having time to plan. The problem is the finding the best forum to listen and gain valuable insights. The workplace is a great forum to show your employees you value their financial wellbeing beyond the retirement group benefits plan.

Financial education retirement group benefits

We help you improve workplace productivity, health & wellbeing through personal financial education workshops.