Wealth Management Toronto.

Private wealth management in Toronto for individuals and families to help you manage your investment accounts. 

Private Wealth Management In Toronto For Long-Term Investors:

  • Individuals or families seeking a professional to work together to manage your accounts.
  • Looking for long term investment advice and ideas.
  • Focused on retirement and long term investment growth.
  • Open and willing to take advice and participate in the planning process.
Private Wealth Management Toronto

Our Investment Services

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Account Options

Choose from registered accounts geared for retirement or children's education. Grow your investments tax-free with a TFSA. Optimize how you use investment accounts.

Investment Products

Investment products are meant as tools to drive your financial plan. The goals is to get a good enough return using ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, GICs or segregated funds.

GICs & Annuities

Buy GICs online by creating one account to buy all your GICs. Create lifetime pension-like retirement income using annuities.

Group Retirement Solutions

The problem that companies typically have with group retirement plans is the administrative paperwork and setup. We use a digital solution that is cost effective and paperless.

Account Investment Fees

Choose from simple transactional fees or fee-based solutions. Alternatively, we offer low-cost ETF discretionary portfolio management.

Business Owner Solutions

Business owners and incorporated professionals have unique planning needs that can't be captured by an RRSP or TFSA. A great tax-efficient option is the Personal Pension Plan.

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Account Options

  • registered

  • non-registered

  • online gic account

  • discretionary account

  • registered education savings plan

Registered Investment Accounts

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) 

Save for retirement and save on taxes today. You can invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs.

Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)

You are required at age 71 to start withdrawing from an RRSP. To avoid huge tax bill transfer to a RRIF and be able to invest as you would in an RRSP.

Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs and pay no taxes on your growth and profits.

Locked-In Retirement Accounts (LIRA, LIF)

When terminating your employment with a company, these types of accounts provide a pension you can only withdraw from at a certain age usually age 55 or for emergency purposes.

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

An excellent way to save as a person or for a person with disabilities and receive tax benefits. Invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs.

Investment Products 

If you decide on private wealth management we help you choose from a wide universe of investment products as part of your financial and investment plan. We strongly believe that there is no such thing as a perfect financial product. There is, however, perfect financial planning. Investment solutions can work as tools to close the gap between where you are and what you need your money to do for you to meet your life goals.

Tailored investment solutions


Unfortunately, not everyone has a pension nowadays, the type of pension that guarantees your income in retirement (called defined benefit). The most popular type of work pension is a defined contribution where the company gives you money but you are responsible to invest it and use it towards retirement. In other words no guarantees and high risk. You can solve this problem by using a portion of your nest-egg, 20-30%, to buy a lifetime guaranteed income annuity to cover your basic expenses in retirement and live worry-free.

discretionary portfolios

If you're looking for a portfolio management solution typically reserved for foundations, pensions and wealthy families, discretionary portfolios are the best option for you. By discretionary we mean that the portfolio managers have limited authority over your investment accounts to make decisions on your behalf when it comes to investing.  The benefit to you is faster decision making with quick moving markets but also if you like a hands-off approach to investing with the ability to see your statements and performance as you need it.  You would still have Blue Alpha Wealth available to you if you have any questions or need help.

exchange traded funds (etf)

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are stock like mutual funds that give you access to the movements of the general stock market they are pegged too. You can buy and sell an ETF like a stock as they trade directly on a stock market exchange versus mutual funds which don't. The difference is a stock is a single company whereas an ETF is a basket of all the companies on an exchange. Like a mutual fund which typically has 25-30 companies an ETF may have 1,000s of companies. The benefit of a stock or mutual fund over an ETF is that they aren't as concentrated as an ETF. What that means is if a particular stock does very well you only get a proportion of that gain e.g. if the stock in the ETF is only 2% of the whole ETF vs if it's 100% as a standalone stock. The benefit of an ETF just like a mutual fund is when the market has a downturn whereby you only go down by the percentage or proportion you have versus 100% drop with a single stock.

guaranteed investment certificates (gic)

Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) are a form of fixed income that guarantee your deposit amount by the institution that issues them, together with further deposit protection in the event the financial institution goes under. They are typically meant used for safety of principal as well as the benefit of getting a small interest rate return. Investors in GICs are typically protected by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) for federal deposits up to $100,000 and $250,000 for provincial deposits through Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO). Usually people buy multiple GICs from multiple financial institutions to stay within the deposit insurance threshold. The inconvenience of this is that you have to go to each individual institution to buy your GICs. Fortunately Blue Alpha Wealth can help you setup a single account to buy all your insured GIC's in one place online.

mutual funds

Mutual funds are a type of investment that provide an investor the opportunity to have your money in a basket of investments like stocks, bonds and other investments which is termed mutually. The benefit of a mutual fund is mainly the diversification you get form not concentrating your money into one stock or investment as well as the professional management of your fund. Another benefit regarding cost is the fact that rather than try and buy individual stocks at high prices, you can access these in one mutual fund on a proportional basis. It's important to understand the fees, objectives and goals of a mutual fund as well as how it fits into your overall financial planning.

segregated funds

Segregated funds are similar to mutual funds in that they offer the same benefits of a basket of investments, diversification and professional money management. Just like mutual funds, segregated funds allow greeter access to investors who may not be able to buy individual stocks but want to be engaged in the stock market to grow their savings. The main difference and benefit of segregated funds is that they are issued by life insurance companies which means you get certain guarantees and protections. These are protections and guarantees to your principal you invest. Mutual funds don't provide guarantees. If your value drops by 50% and you withdraw your money you only get 50% vs a segregated funs that guarantees 100% even if the value drops by 50%. In addition, your beneficiaries receive your segregated fund similar to life insurance policy when you die. You also avoid probate and if you're a business owner you get creditor protection and guarantees.

Account Investment Fees

Fee-based financial advisor Toronto

How To Think About Investment Fees

  • They are individualized based on your unique goals and financial plan.
  • Low fees doesn't mean good returns or advice neither do high fees.
  • Starting from your needs and goals determines what solution or product we recommend.
  • There is no perfect product or solution just perfect financial planning.

How Much Does A Financial Advisor Cost?

If you follow media commentary or commercials you would think investing is a one-size fits all and only based on fees. It is definitely important to consider how much a financial advisor costs and if it's worth it if they can help you meet your planning and investing goals. Only you understand why you might need professional advice for your financial planning so before fees it's important to consult first to see what your options are.

What Is The Fee For A Financial Advisor?

When you consult with us we can help you determine if the cost of a financial advisor is worth it by thinking about:

  • Your financial planning goals and what returns you need to meet those goals.
  • How much and for how long you want to invest.
  • If you want a hands-on or hands-off approach. 
  • The types of investments you wish to own and how much monitoring and communication regarding them. 

Cost and value are important considerations when choosing a financial advisor. Only you know what you want your money to do and we can guide and advise you of your options. Let's start by having a brief consultation to see if we're the right fit.

Fee-based investment advisor

Group Retirement Savings Plan Solutions

We provide reliable, affordable plans you can customize based on the size and need of your group. Our digital plan helps reduce administrative burden and investment cost.

Simple & Affordable Group Retirement Benefits Plan

Setup and administer your group retirement plan online with no paperwork. Your employees have easy access. You save money and time. You and your employees get direct support from Blue Alpha Wealth financial advisors.

Group RRSP online setup
Digital Setup & Onboarding

Take as little as 2 to 3 minutes for your setup with no paperwork required. Easy and simple.

Digital dashboard
Digital Online Dashboard

You and your employees have access to plan dashboard.  As an employer you see the whole picture of your entire company.

Group rrsp employer
Easy for Employer 100%

Admin is always a big issue for employers setting up a plan. This plan is easy and we remove the burden for you.

Online Paperless Platform

Your Group Plan participants get smart and intuitive dashboard that allows employees to see the growth of their and projection through to their retirement. You'll also be able to track the performance of the portfolio, change your contributions up or down, view receipts of contributions and make transfer of funds.

Affordable Group retirement Plan in Canada

Choose from select or target date funds and employees pay minimal fees which is a small fraction relative to other traditional plans in the market. Our focus is small and medium-sized businesses. 

Online Reporting

Get all your tax receipts and statements online and access to your account information such as investment performance and portfolio contributions.

Simplified Onboarding

Access to simplified portfolio construction for each employee, customized by individual risk appetite and investment time horizon. Your employees can customize and change their portfolio composition as they see fit.

Tax-Advantaged Savings

Allow your employees to make before-tax contributions automatically to get immediate tax savings by contributing before-tax dollars. Easily setup matching contributions.

Access To Professional Financial Advisor 

While the platform is digital and simplified for you, you still have access to human interaction and advice from Blue Alpha Wealth. Your employees have access as well to help answer any questions they have.

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Business Owner & Incorporated Professional Retirement Solutions

Business Private Wealth Management Services

Best Way to Save Taxes Today and Save More For Tomorrow

A major concern is how to get more revenue and to keep more profits by reducing your tax burden. In addition you need to save towards the day you stop working. This requires customized private wealth management solutions to save on taxes today and save for retirement.

For business owners and incorporated professionals to tackle both is to use what we term the "business owner RRSP" or Personal Pension Plan. A regular RRSP account is designed for personal savings, not for business owners with greater need for tax deductions and complicated solutions especially with the federal government looking for another way to tax business owners who save using their business corporation. 

Personal Pension Plan (PPP):

Wealth Management for Business Owners

As an incorporated professional or business owner you need private wealth management that provides solutions and flexibility to your complicated planning. Here is how a personal plan works and the benefits.

Tax Refunds
Access New Tax Refunds & Deductions

Depending on how long you have been incorporated or in business you can access to Personal Pension Plan related tax deductions such as buy back of your past service, current service, double dips and more. This on top of RRSP deductions.

Business owner private wealth management
Adapt Your Contributions To Your Business Cash Flow

You have the option to lower your contributions during a bad economy or your business and top up when it gets better. If you have better cashflow during market dips you can contribute more and tax defer more income.

Tax deductions
Contribute More Than An RRSP And Defer More Taxes

The INTEGRIS PPP® allows you to contribute more towards your retirement than you could with an RRSP or TFSA. If you have an existing Individual Pension Plan you can contribute more than this as well. This leads to larger savings when you retire.

Financial Planning & Private Wealth Management 

Working with a financial advisor like Blue Alpha Wealth for your private wealth management is about empowering and enabling you to make smarter decisions about your future plans and investments as well as growing and protecting your nest-egg over time.  Our priority is to help you gain security and control over your finances.

Working with us is also designed to reduce your anxiety and the amount of time you spend trying to figure out what, where and how given the information overload in financial news and commentary. We equip you with the knowledge and tools to feel confident that you will retire on your own terms. Turn to Blue Alpha Wealth for your long term private wealth management needs.

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