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CDIC and Assuris deposits  are insured up to $100,000. DICO deposits insured up to $250,000. Rates are subject to change without notice. Certain minimums may apply. Call for details. E&OE.

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GICs are 100% CDIC-insured and guaranteed

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 Investor Protection - GIC Deposit Insurance

Your GICs are guaranteed and insured federally by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and provincially by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario and Assuris.




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Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario DICO
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  • GICs purchased from Canadian banks and trust companies are insured to a maximum of $100,000 per insured category by CDIC.
  • GICs purchased from Canadian credit unions are insured by provincial programs to a maximum of $250,000 per insured category
  • Term deposits with life insurance companies in Canada are covered by Assuris up to $100,000.
  • Blue Alpha Wealth enables you to construct a portfolio of GICs that are guaranteed, insured and protected.

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Common Guaranteed Investment Certificate Questions

What is the benefit of investing in GICs?

If you're looking for safety of principal and less volatility and fluctuation than other types of investments. GICs are generally safe and have deposit insurance coverage.

What is GIC laddering?

GIC laddering allows you to diversify the term and length of your GIC purchases. It allows you take advantage of rising GIC interest rates without locking in all your money in one GIC.

How does CDIC GIC deposit insurance work?

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation is a federal agency that helps to insure the deposits of consumers in regulated banks and trust companies in the event of default.

CDIC vs. DICO  vs. Assuris deposit insurance?

CDIC and Assuris cover deposits of up to $100,000.  Assuris covers life insurance GICs. DICO is provincial and covers deposits up to $250,000

What is the Registered Deposit Brokers Association?

The RDBA is regulatory body for licensed financial advisors to sell GICs. Deposit Brokers are financial professionals who get you the best GIC rates from Canadian banks, trust companies and credit unions.

Who has the best GIC rates in Canada?

The best GIC rates in Canada can be found using a deposit broker like Blue Alpha Wealth. This is because the financial institutions we represent have less operating costs.

Big Bank GIC rates vs Deposit Broker GIC rates?

Big bank GIC rates are usually 1% less than deposit broker GIC rates because of the fact that big banks have more operating costs they have to account for compared to other institutions.

What types of GICs are available for investors?

You can buy short or long-term GICs from 30 days to typically 5 years or more. The GIC rates and GICs are from credit unions, banks, trusts and life insurance companies.