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Click on the dropdown to compare GIC rates for 1 Year, 3 Year or 5 Year GICs to major bank rates and see how as a deposit broker we get you higher GIC interest rates.

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One Online Account

Provide information according to anti-money laundering and FINTRAC. One time profile setup to access 20+ institutions online from one account.

Deposit Insured GIC Portfolio

Use our CashiQ digital GIC platform to construct a GIC portfolio with CDIC and provincially insured issuers. Banks, credit unions, trust companies.

Securely Fund GIC Purchases

By setting up a secure account profile in the cloud, you can connect your home bank account to 20+ issuers so the funds transfer is seamless when you decide to buy.

View Your GIC Portfolio Dashboard

Login to 24/7 real-time dashboard to view your GICs.  View your GIC certificates, maturity dates, GIC rates board, deposit insurance limits & GIC reporting & more.

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Complete the form and we'll get back to you right away to answer your questions and walk you through to complete the process. We'll send you a secure email to setup a profile to buy GICs securely online. Alternatively, call us at (416)966-0606.

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CDIC and Assuris deposits  are insured up to $100,000. DICO deposits insured up to $250,000. Rates are subject to change without notice. Certain minimums may apply. Call for details. E&OE.

GIC $ Amount
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  • $25,000
  • $30,000
  • $40,000
  • $50,000
  • $75,000
  • $100,000
  • $150,000
  • $175,000
  • $200,000
  • $250,000
  • $300,000
  • $350,000
  • $400,000
  • $450,000
  • $500,000+
GIC Term
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  • GIC Ladder (Multiple terms)
  • 30-270 days
  • 1 Year
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  • 4 Year
  • 5 Year
  • 6-10 Year
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GIC rates in Toronto with CDIC insurance coverage

Get Access To The Best GIC Rates - Setup An Easy Online Account

Create A New Online GIC Account With A Blue Alpha Wealth  Advisor

Setup your own personal account and profile with secure login by speaking with an advisor.  Typical client information like identification is required to meet regulatory requirements.  This one time setup will allow you to buy all your guaranteed investment certificates from different banks and credit unions from one secure online portal.

Create a GIC Portfolio from 20 Different Issuers

Choose federally CDIC-insured, provincial Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO) and life insurance issued GIC rates. These include banks, credit unions and trust companies.

Secure Your GIC Rates By Funding Your Purchases by EFT or Cheque

Your deposit goes directly to the financial institution or bank you choose. Blue Alpha Wealth never takes or has access to your funds. You can make transfer using electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from your bank or financial institution to the GIC issuer.  Or you can issue a cheque if you choose.

Your GIC Certificates Are Issued Instantly & Electronically

Once you make a purchase your guaranteed investment certificate is issued instantly by the financial institution you choose. You can view these certificates online in your sign-in portal or you can print them for your records.

Login To Portal To View Your GIC Portfolio Online

24 hours a day, 7 days a week you will be able to login securely and have access to your GIC portfolio online.  You will also be able to see real-time your interest as well as find more GIC rates to buy more GICs.  Our portal will also be able to tell you your insurance threshold and recommend GICs so that you don't go over the CDIC or DICO insurance threshold.

GIC rates Toronto online

Blue Alpha Wealth is not a bank or financial institution. We never take custody of your money or funds. We are a no-fee Registered Deposit Broker and our purpose is to help you secure the best GIC rates online to get the most return on your GIC portfolio.  

We help you invest in provincially (DICO) and federally (CDIC) insured deposits of tier Canadian banks, life insurance companies, trust companies and credit unions.  The difference is you buy your GICs online and view your portfolio online without having to contact each institution separately.

We Offer the Best GIC Rates for Different Investment Account Types

Individual Personal Account

Joint Personal Account

Business Corporate

Condominium Board

Power of Attorney


Testamentary Trust


Setup Your GIC Profile


GICs are 100% CDIC-insured and guaranteed

Search the Best GIC Rates and Invest In A GIC Portfolio Securely & Simpler Online

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Trust Companies


Life Insurance Companies



Answers to your questions about getting GIC rates and buying GICs online

Toronto GIC rates online questions

is there a cost to buy gics online?

No, there is no cost to buying GICs online with Blue Alpha Wealth.  It's the same process but we've just made it easier for you using technology to buy all your GICs from one account. You also have a live rate board for current GIC rates.

are my gic rates and purchases insured?

Yes! All GICs you buy through our platform are insured either $100,000 for CDIC (banks, trusts) and Assuris (life insurance GICs) deposits OR $250,000 for DICO (credit unions) deposits.

do i need to setup a profile with each institution?

No you don't! That's the advantage of dealing with Blue Alpha Wealth.  All you have to do is setup one online account and setup a GIC profile. Once you setup a profile you'll be able to buy GICs from 20+ financial institutions and see live GIC rates 24/7.  Each time you buy a GIC your banking information will be connected directly with the institution and fund transferred through electronic funds transfer. This is done securely in the cloud through servers housed in Canada.

are my funds secure when i use blue alpha wealth to buy gics online?

Yes! Blue Alpha Wealth never takes custody or has access to your funds.  Your online profile is linked securely and directly to any of the 20+ financial institutions available for you to choose GIC rates from. We are just brokers linking you to these financial institutions with the best insured GIC rates.

Buy Your GICs Online Using Our fully Digital Platform

Shopping for GIC rates made easier

Simple Application 

Create an online account once and you can buy, sell and view your GICs using a secure online dashboard.

Fully Insured Deposits 

Secured by federal and provincial insurers. $100,000 for CIDC and $250,000 for DICO and Assuris.

Secure Deposits & Profile

Blue Alpha Wealth does not take custody of your deposits. Your deposits go directly to the GIC issuer. Your online profile in addition, is protected by end-to-end encryption

Higher GIC Interest Rates 

Access to 20+ GIC issuers.  You get higher interest rates with the same deposit protection because they have less brick and mortar costs.

We provide an online digital marketplace to help you invest & build a portfolio of CDIC & Provincially insured Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs).

Your GICs are secure and insured.  We've just changed the process of buying them.


Issuers of GIC Rates


CDIC & DICO Insured


Online GIC Dashboard 

 Investor Protection - GIC Deposit Insurance

Your GICs are guaranteed and insured federally by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and provincially by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario and Assuris.




Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation CDIC logo
Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario DICO
Best GIC rates with Assuris deposit insurance
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  • GICs purchased from Canadian banks and trust companies are insured to a maximum of $100,000 per insured category by CDIC.
  • GICs purchased from Canadian credit unions are insured by provincial programs to a maximum of $250,000 per insured category
  • Term deposits with life insurance companies in Canada are covered by Assuris up to $100,000.
  • Blue Alpha Wealth enables you to construct a portfolio of GICs that are guaranteed, insured and protected.

Buy Your GICs Online With One Account

Create Account & Buy GICs Online 

Complete the form with general information about what you're looking for. We'll get back to you right away to answer your questions and walk you through to complete the process. You are not obligated to purchase GICs right away. This is just to setup your profile so when you're ready you can buy and view your GIC portfolio all in one place. This is a 3-5 minute one-time setup. We'll send you a secure email to begin the process securely online. Alternatively, call us at (416)966-0606.

Get GIC rates by setting up account
  • Create a portfolio of high interest GICs from banks, credit unions, trusts & life insurance companies
  • Buy all your GIC's directly through us in one online platform securely.
  • No need to go each individual institution.  We are your one stop shop of insured GICs.
  • View your GIC portfolio online.
  • Your deposits go directly to the institution.  We do not hold or have access to your money.
Type of Investment Account
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  • RRSP
  • TFSA
  • Non-Registered Account
  • Private Business
  • Condominium Corporation
  • Charity
GIC $ Amount
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  • $25,000
  • $30,000
  • $40,000
  • $50,000
  • $75,000
  • $100,000
  • $150,000
  • $175,000
  • $200,000
  • $250,000
  • $300,000
  • $350,000
  • $400,000
  • $450,000
  • $500,000+
GIC Term
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  • 30-270 days
  • 1 Year
  • 2 Year
  • 3 Year
  • 4 Year
  • 5 Year
  • 6-10 Year
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Why Are We Able To Find You The Highest GIC Rates On The Market?

We typically have guaranteed investment certificate rates that are 1% higher than the big banks. As a one stop shop to help you search the best GIC rates online, we help you automatically compare the best and highest rates based on your CDIC insurance requirements. 

Issuer Lower Operating Costs

Credit unions, smaller banks, life insurance and trust companies pass on savings due to lower operating costs which mean higher GIC interest rates.

Same Guarantees As Major Banks

Because you're not having to search one by one and having to go to your bank branch where you will typically get 1% less, you get higher GIC rates with same security.


Our CashiQ algorithm helps you optimize the best interest rates paid on your deposits on a daily basis. This technology also optimizes your portfolio to show you which institutions you've maxed out on with regards to deposit insurance  

Blue Alpha Wealth GIC Advantage

We are No-Fee Deposit Broker meaning there is no cost to you getting the highest GIC rates from the 20+ financial institutions we work with.  A retail brick and mortar bank branch can only offer you their in-house GIC rates.  

Overall Rating: 
5/5 stars

higher insured gic rates

secure deposits

one integrated online platform

We are not like Ratehub or LowestRates that only tell you rates but don't allow you to complete your purchase transaction directly through them.

When you are happy with the GIC rates you buy directly on our platform without having to go each individual institution. You create a portfolio

You manage your portfolio of GICs on one personal online dashboard.  You can also make buys and sells in real-time without waiting.

Our online platform will calculate automatically for you which GIC to buy based on your deposit insurance threshold so you don't go over.

Compare GIC Rates In One Convenient Portal & Buy Them Directly Through Us

Blue Alpha Wealth's partner platform is not like aggregator websites that search the web for GIC rates and put them on their website. When you see a rate you like you would have to go to each individual financial institutions buy GIC's. Ratehub, for example, then gets a commission for referring you to that institution. They don't help you choose an institution to ensure you stay within deposit insurance limits. 

GIC rates deposit insurance

GIC Deposit Insurance Guide

When you buy GICs they are either insured up to $100,000 or $250,000 depending on the type of institution you buy it through. There are three main bodies that insure your guaranteed investment certificate term deposits and it's important to understand what you are entitled to in terms of coverage. These bodies are CDIC (Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation), DICO (Deposit Insurance Corporation of Canada) which is administered through Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) and Assuris.

$100,000 Insurance Coverage

  • CDIC coverage for Canadian bank and trust company GICs.
  • Assuris coverage for life insurance company GICs.
  • Deposits insured up to $100,000 per unique holder.
Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation CDIC logo
Assuris deposit insurance

$250,000 Insurance Coverage

  • DICO coverage for credit union GICs.
  • DICO is administered through Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).  
  • Term deposit insurance up to $250,000.
Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario DICO

Click for the CDIC Reference Guide


How To Get Started & Buy GICs Online

Like the big banks, buying your GICs through Blue Alpha provides guarantees and insurance up to $100,000 through the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) for federal term deposits and up to $250,000 through the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO) for credit union term deposits. Life insurance term deposits are covered up to $100,000.

Setup a New Account & Personal Profile

This is a standalone profile and account that is one-time setup to allow you to buy and sell GICs as well as manage them online. Once this account is setup you will not have to provide information going forward as you typically would every time you purchase GICs.   

Build a GIC Portfolio Using the Different Institutions Available

We work with 20+ Canadian regulated and insured banks, credit unions, trust companies and life insurance companies that issue guaranteed investment certificates. You are able to build a GIC portfolio in one place without having to go to each institution separately. 

Make a Deposit to Fund Your GIC Purchases

Blue Alpha Wealth will never take custody or have access to your funds used to purchase GICs. Your funds go directly to the financial institutions that you choose to build your GIC portfolio. Once there is receipt of payment either by electronic funds transfer or by cheque you will receive your certificate instantly and electronically. 

View GIC Portfolio Online and Manage It On Your Personal Dashboard

Once your GICs are purchased, you will have your login and password and can access your GIC portfolio online. You'll be able to view your certificates, the terms of your GICs, how much you have covered for deposit insurance and current GIC rates.