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Getting The Best GIC Interest Rates For Your Term Deposits

When thinking of buying guaranteed investment certificates, most people think about the GIC interest rate as the most important factor.  Its important to compare GIC interest rates in light of the deposit insurance as well as your goals.

How Do I Choose The Right Type of GIC in Canada?

Blue Alpha Wealth gives you access to different types of GICs that are always CDIC or provincially insured.  Maximizing your savings return is the obvious reason why you look for the highest GIC interest rates to simplify your search.  However, you may also want to find GICs that provide you with the most deposit insurance guarantee.  

Once you figure out what you need to ensure you stay within the insurance limits, here are some rules of thumb.

  • 30 - 360 day GICs provide you the lowest GIC interest rates.
  • The longer the term e.g. 2 - 10 year term duration, the higher the interest rates for your GICs.
  • You can buy GICs from Blue Alpha Wealth from banks, credit unions, trust companies and life insurance companies
  • Blue Alpha Wealth as a registered deposit broker can get you on average 1-2% higher GIC interest rates than major banks

Who Has The Best GIC Interest Rates in Canada?

In general, a registered deposit broker has the best GIC interest rates in Canada.  On average, you can expect to get 1 to 2% higher than the top 5 major banks.  Blue Alpha Wealth is an independent registered deposit broker giving you access to banks, credit unions and trust companies. You can also buy life insurance company GICs that give you the added estate planning protection to avoid taxes at your death.  Here are some reasons why buying your GICs through a registered deposit insurance broker will give you the highest and best GIC interest rates:

  • Credit unions, trust companies and smaller banks have lower operating costs which mean higher interest rates.
  • We use technology to scan the GIC market to get you the highest rates whilst matching it to the best deposit insurance.
  • It's easier to get the highest GIC interest rates when you work and have access to 20+ guaranteed investment certificate issuers.

Are My GIC Interest Rates Locked-In?

Just like regular bank savings rates, GIC interest rates change based on the prevailing interest rates set by the Bank of Canada, which then informs how banks and other financial institutions set interest rates for GICs, mortgages and savings products.  As a result, when looking at GIC interest rates on a daily or weekly basis when thinking of buying GICs, these rates aren't locked-in. The interest rates for your GICs are locked-in for the term and type of GIC you buy and are in contract for with the financial institution you buy it from. 

Ultimately, here are the considerations: 

  • You are able choose a redeemable GIC, which will allow you to pull your funds out before maturity without penalty
  • Redeemable GICs are not completely locked-in allowing you to time the market as you speculate on interest rates
  • Longer term GICs are locked-in and bring penalties with them if you try break before the term ends.

Compare GIC rates for 1 Year, 3 Year or 5 Year GICs to major bank rates.

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Main Features & Limitations of GICs:

GIC Deposit Insurance

Some issuers provide up to $250,000 coverage for non-registered funds and unlimited insurance for registered.

Special GIC Rates

Some issuers have special rates providing higher rates than listed. Speak to your broker to find out.

Cashable GICs

Cashable GICs are a great way to buy GICs without having to incur a penalty for early withdrawal. 

Redeemable GICs

Redeemable GICs can be attractive due to their flexibility, however they provide smaller GIC interest rates compared to non-redeemable GICs.

GIC Ladders

GIC ladders are a great way to get flexibility in building your GIC portfolio. Rather than commit all your money to one term you can buy different GICs with different terms.


Blue Alpha Wealth is a no-fee registered deposit broker. You don't pay any fees for buying GICs through Blue Alpha Wealth.

GIC Interest Rates

You get higher GIC interest rates for longer terms than those with shorter terms.

Non-Redeemable GICs

Non-redeemable GICs commit you to the issuer for a period without being able to withdraw. The trade-off is higher GIC interest rates.

GIC Terms

Short term GICs range from 30 to 270 days and longer term GICs range from 1 year to 10 years. 5 year GICs tend to be the more popular longer term GICs.

Deposit Minimums

Different issuers require certain deposit minimums for GICs to qualify for GIC interest rates. Inquire with Blue Alpha Wealth for rates.

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