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We give you access to high interest GIC rates from banks, credit unions, trust companies and life insurance companies. All the GICs are insured by the CDIC up to $100,000 and provincially through DICO up to $250,000

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Discover an easier way to buy and manage your GIC portfolio online safely and securely.

The process of buying GICs up to now has been difficult and cumbersome. Finally, you can get insured and safe high GIC interest rates online and buy and sell using one account. 

  • No need to go to multiple institutions - we are a one-stop shop for all GIC issuers. 
  • We show you the best GIC rates from 20+ issuers & you build a portfolio from your account dashboard.
  • Your account is connected directly via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the financial institution you choose.
  • Blue Alpha Wealth does not take custody or have access to your funds.
  • Deposit insurance calculated automatically for you by the system.

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High GIC interest rates

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Get in touch with us by calling (416)966-0606 or filling out the form below so we call you back. We'll setup a profile together in your name over the phone and gather relevant information. This is a one-time setup.


We verify your email and information then connect your home bank information to your account so when you decide to buy GICs your account is automatically linked to the financial institutions.


You can now login 24/7 to our free digital GIC platform to construct a GIC portfolio with CDIC and provincially insured issuers. Banks, credit unions, trust companies. View your GIC certificates, maturity dates, deposit insurance limits & more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions - we have answers

Do I need to buy GICs right away to setup a personal profile?

No, not at all. You can setup your account profile then buy your GICs whenever you're ready to. There is no cost or obligation and you get the highest deposit insured interest rates.

Do I need to setup a profile with each financial institution?

No you don't! That's the advantage of working with Blue Alpha Wealth as your term deposit broker. All you have to do is setup one online account profile. Once you setup a profile you'll be able to buy GICs from 20+ financial institutions and see live GIC rates 24/7. Each time you buy a GIC your banking information will be connected directly with the institution and funds transferred through electronic funds transfer. This is done securely in the cloud through servers housed in Canada.

Are my funds secure when I buy GICs through Blue Alpha Wealth?

Yes! Blue Alpha Wealth never takes custody or has access to your funds. Your online profile is linked securely and directly to any of the 20+ financial institutions available for you to choose GIC rates from. We are just brokers linking you to these financial institutions with the best insured GIC rates.

Is there a cost to buy GICs online with Blue Alpha Wealth?

No, there is no cost to buying GICs online with Blue Alpha Wealth. It's the same process as you're used to but we've just made it easier for you using technology to buy all your GICs from one account. You also have a live rate board for current GIC rates.

What type of information can I see on my online dashboard?

You'll be able to view live GIC rates 24/7 as well as viewing your GIC portfolio and your maturity rates. You'll get reporting on your deposit insurance limits as well as options on how to best optimize your GIC portfolio for the best rates and deposit insurance.

Is Blue Alpha Wealth available to walk me through the process?

Yes, this is what we recommend and generally do to help out GIC purchasers. Give us a call or complete our form and we'll get back to you.

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