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Financial Needs Analysis Planning to help you gain confidence

Key Questions:

  • How much do you need in retirement?
  • What risks could derail your retirement such as a disability or illness?
  • Are your portfolio and returns good enough?
  • What will your income sources be in retirement?
  • Have you considered long term healthcare in retirement?
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Financial Needs Planning In A Nutshell

  • Protect Your Income - You're more likely to get a major illness or disability than die before retirement.
  • Grow Your Income - Protect your savings and income from inflation so you have purchasing power to fund your retirement.
  • Shelter Your Income - Your asset location (e.g. RRSP) and allocation (e.g. interest, dividends) have a great impact on taxes you will pay.
  • Guarantee Your Income - Use a portion of your nest-egg to create guaranteed income for life like a pension to cover basic expenses.
  • Distribute Your Income - Your income triggered by your death will need to be distributed properly through a Will to avoid probate & related taxes.

Protect Your Income. Grow Your Income. Replace Your Income.

Financial needs analysis planning comes down to your income. Protecting it against a disability or death before retirement. Growing your income during your working years with a good investment strategy so as to replace your income or salary when you retire. Lastly, covering your basic expenses with some form of guaranteed lifetime income during retirement.

As a financial needs analysis planner in Toronto most of what we do is help you organize what you're currently doing so that you feel secure and confident today and in the future. We will never undo any good work you've done up to this point. There are many financial products, none of them perfect. Our job is to help organize it for you so that your income matches whatever life situation you're in.

why work with us?

We're An Experienced Toronto Financial Needs Analysis Planner

We'll Advise You On How To:

Make Smarter Investment Decisions

We use simple concepts to help you invest in a way that makes sense to you. Choice and clarity give you confidence to invest your serious money long term. Understanding your investing objectives improves your investing behaviour and results.

Create Your Ideal Financial Needs Plan

Start with a one-page financial needs analysis plan that addresses your most urgent need today. Then we build on that over time. This removes anxiety from trying to do it all at once. We help you with accumulation then how to withdraw sustainably once you retire.

Replace Your Income Once You Retire

The greatest burden in retirement isn't how big your portfolio is. It's living a "just-in-case" retirement. Not enjoying retirement "just in case" you run out of money. Creating a personal pension like stream of income removes this anxiety and burden.

As a Financial Needs Analysis Planner We Help You Make Better Choices:

Perfect Planning is Better Than Perfect Financial Products

Most people don't have a plan but a collection of financial products. As a financial needs planner most of what we do is simply help you organize what you're currently doing. We'll never undo any good work you've done up to this point.  We advise you within context to plan your situation as perfectly you can. 

Your success as an investor is 100% a product of your investing behaviour. 90% planning and 10% investment returns.

Funding Your Plan: RRSP vs. TFSA

How To Allocate Your Savings to An RRSP vs. TFSA Based On Income

In general, you can put any type of investment into either an RRSP account or Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA).  Both accounts are registered meaning you get a tax benefit. With an RRSP your taxes are "deferred" meaning you pay taxes sometime in the future.  A TFSA is "tax-free" meaning you never pay any taxes on the investment gains. 

Taxes and your income are very important determining factors when choosing how to allocate towards an RRSP or TFSA.

Income is less than $50,000?

Use 90% towards TFSA & 10% for RRSP

Income is $50,000-$70,000

Use 35% towards TFSA & 55% for RRSP

Income is >$70,000

Use 20% towards TFSA & 60% for RRSP

The Tax Buckets Financial Needs Planning Concept 

The Tax Buckets Concept is an easy to understand way in which to allocate your assets and build out and fund your financial plan. There are three tax buckets in which you can allocate your income and assets. Taxable, Tax-Deferred and Tax-Free buckets. Your goal is to move assets and income away from the taxable bucket as much as you can to the Tax-Free bucket. As a financial needs analysis planner in Toronto we've noticed that most people hold about 85% of their assets in the "Taxable" bucket and this simple change can make a big difference over time.


Accounts funded with "after-tax" dollars. You pay taxes on these accounts yearly:

  • Bank & savings accounts
  • GICs
  • Interest income taxed the highest in Canada


Pre-tax income or anything you receive a refund for when you file taxes. You're taxed on withdrawal

  • RRSP
  • Workplace pension (LIRA, RPP)
  • RESP (Children's Education)

After-tax dollars used to buy investments in these types and no tax on investment growth.

  • TFSA
  • Life insurance (term, whole life, universal life)
  • Critical illness insurance

Financial Needs Planning That's Affordable & Accessible

There are many ways to go about building your investment and financial needs plan.  Our goal is to match your need and risk appetite with the right type of solution that will help you achieve your financial goals.

6 Focus Areas As A Toronto Financial Needs Analysis Planner

When people think of financial needs planning or creating an investment plan they imagine a long and complicated process. We make it easy for you by honing in on your greatest financial need today. This way you don't feel overwhelmed and feel you have to do everything right away.  This is the idea behind the one-page financial needs analysis plan.

Retirement Planning

Most people simply want to know where they stand. It comes down to having security and control over your future. We can help you plan for what keeps you up at night thereby matching your needs and desires.

Financial Management

Most people don't like the idea of "budgeting" as it sounds restrictive. However, a good cash flow base provides flexibility to financial planning. We'll help you with cash flow optimization to cover all aspects of your plan. 

Investment Management

We believe investor behaviour is the most important aspect to sound investment management. By creating a portfolio that starts with your life stage, you'll be able to have positive investor behaviour long term.

Tax Planning

When it comes to investing it's not how much you make but what you keep. Unfortunately, a lot of investors ignore the tax implications of their portfolio choices. We help with tax-efficient investing.

Risk Management

The biggest obstacle to you meeting your investment and financial planning goals is a disability. In other words your ability to earn an income and fund your goals is more likely than death. We help you cover your risks.

Estate Planning

Based on where you stand today and where you intend to be in the future, we can show you the estate planning implications such as taxes and how best to distribute it to your chosen heirs and beneficiaries.

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Planning & Advice You Deserve

Financial Planning roadmap

As an independent financial needs analysis planner in Toronto, our mission is to listen to you objectively and act in a way that that gives you guidance about knowing where you stand and how to move toward your goal.  We can then help you map out what you need, how to get there and stay on track.

Where Would You Like To Be?

What is your greatest financial need today and what would progress look like to fulfill this need and get to where you need to be? 

Can You Get There?

What steps have you taken so far to take care of this need and what are you willing to do to get to your desired goal? 

How Do You Stay On Track?

This is our main job as financial planners. Help you discover your financial need in detail and help you stay on track over time to ensure you meet your goal. 

Who We Help

  • individuals/families

  • business owners

  • group rrsp plans

Financial Needs Analysis Planner for Individuals & Families

We work with individuals, couples and families of all sorts to help them get a handle on their overall planning and understanding how to put everything together. Together we can develop a plan that starts with your most urgent need to help you take control of your investments and the decisions you make to fund your retirement and financial plan appropriately. We can help you manage investment accounts such as your RRSP, TFSA, RESP and workplace pension plans.

Toronto Financial Needs Analysis Planner For Business Owners & Incorporated Professionals

As a business owner or incorporated professional you have unique planning needs that cannot be captured by such accounts as an RRSP or TFSA. Your main concern is managing your tax burden to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the future if you decide to retire. Here is how we help business owners and professionals:

Tax-Efficient Investment Vehicles

If tax is your number one concern and keeping as much as you make, we believe most business owners should be utilizing a Personal Pension Plan.  Unlike an RRSP it doesn't just help save for retirement but helps with minimizing your taxes directly related to your business operations.

Tax-Efficient Investments

Not all investments are created equal. We will show you how best structure your investment portfolio as a business owner for the most efficient way to withdraw n your assets once you need access to them, whilst minimizing your taxes today. In particular, given the recent 2018 tax on passive income, you want to be holding investments that do not claw away on your active business income benefit.

Tax-Efficient Planning

Your investments or retirement do not exist in a silo. Our planning process takes into account all the other areas that may affect your business as well as your personal financial goals. We will look at business succession for example and the most efficient way to exit your business without triggering a huge ta bill as well as other estate planning considerations.

Should An Incorporated Professional Use A Personal Pension Plan For Financial Needs Planning?


  • Save more than you would in an RRSP  
  • 7 additional tax deductions
  • More tax deferring room than RRSP
  • Inter-generational wealth transfer


  • $1,000 annual fee to administer  
  • Required minimum 7% return if you choose defined benefit option
  • Be at least 45 years old for PPP to be effective


While the cons may seem like disadvantages they are easily fixed. For example, $1,000 is not a lot compared to the tax savings and deductions you get annually. Though you are required to have a 7% return annually for the defined benefit option, you are able to choose the defined contribution option which does not require you to get 7% return if need be. In terms of your age, at 45 you get the most benefits of the plan so even then, you can use an RRSP to save until you get to age 45 then switch to a Personal Pension Plan.

So, in short, any incorporated professional taking T4 salary as part of their income should consider using a Personal Pension Plan.  We can help you create a scenario using your own numbers. Call Us to show you how powerful it could be for your situation.

Financial Needs Planner in Toronto for Best GIC Rates

Looking for the best GIC rates to bolster your cash? Look no further than Blue Alpha Wealth. Not only do we get you the best GIC interest rates, you create one online account to access rates from 20+ financial institutions. As a financial planner a popular request from investors is reasonable GIC rates to park their cash and make sure their funds are safe and insured by CDIC. We've made the process easier by making a available a 24/7 GIC rate board that allows you to buy federally and provincially insured GICs online from banks, credit unions and trusts.


Complete a short application to create a profile and setup application templates for financial institutions.


Once your ID is verified you can login to view real-time GIC rates and build a portfolio of CDIC insured GICs.


Your information is secure in the cloud and your funds go directly to the institution you choose for your GICs

Planning Using Annuities For Guaranteed Monthly Income In Retirement:

Supplement Retirement Income:

Use annuities supplement other sources like work pension, CPP and OAS. Usually you will determine what and how much your sources of income are then cover the deficit with an annuity. Income is guaranteed for life.

Avoid Running Out Of Money:

The biggest fear in retirement is people running out of money and living what is called a "just-in-case" retirement. People don't live out or enjoy their retirement just in case they run out of money.  An annuity can be used to cover your basic expenses.

Income Taxes:

You will not incur income taxes on the earnings or growth of your annuity investments. This is an important benefit especially if you like GICs that incur the highest tax rate of any investment in Canada.

No Volatility:

Since annuities are not an investment but a promise by a life insurance company to pay you a guaranteed stream of income for a specified time, they don't fluctuate like other equity type investments or interest rate investments.

Financial Needs Analysis Planning Pros, Cons & Advice

Working with a Toronto planner might work for most people seeking professional advice. However, financial needs planning may not work for some people depending on how they define or perceive what a financial needs analysis planner does.


Experience with financial needs analysis planning concepts and investment knowledge that could significantly impact your future net worth.


You must be willing to make a long term commitment and be open to receiving advice that you may not understand or agree with.


Financial needs planners may not be for everyone. You must value professional advice and guidance and be willing to cooperate to see long term positive impact.

5 reasons for Financial planner in Toronto

3 Reasons to Consider Blue Alpha Wealth As Your Toronto Financial Needs Analysis Planner:

  • Blue Alpha Wealth is an independent financial needs analysis planner in Toronto so our focus is always objective in terms of our recommendations.
  • Blue Alpha Wealth is experienced having worked with all types of financial needs planning and investment planning situations.
  • Blue Alpha Wealth is flexible.  We can meet with you based on your preference and especially now, we can meet virtually making it convenient for you.

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